Hot Tips for Starting an Online Business

Today the internet is flooded with the so called business opportunities. You may wonder why we termed it as the “so called business opportunities”. Well the answer is quite simple. In reality most of these business opportunities that you come across on the internet can in no way be touted as a real opportunity. They can be rather termed as scams that lead people astray. Now this might bring about a question that in such scenario how can one distinguish between a scam and a real opportunity to start an online business. Read further to know better:

To start an online business, you first need to treat it as a real business right from day one. Here we stress the word business, because there are many who would jump into an online business opportunity, thinking it’s a rich quick rich scheme. If you are one, then you need to rethink it. Like any other traditional onsite business, even an online business needs to be built on solid, good reliable principles to ensure that your business sustains itself, and brings in consistent good income.

Take a minute and ask yourself if you would still be interested in running this online business 5 or 10 years down the road. If your answer is yes, then venture into it, otherwise it will just be a waste of time and money. (How many online programs have you bought and not gotten anywhere with?)

Any business requires time and effort to prove itself reliable. So if in the first few months you do not reap the harvest you expected do not label it as a failure. Don’t jump from one business opportunity to the other every quarter or every 6 months. Remember there are issues and drawbacks in every business; it’s only wise to get the existing issues resolved, than leaving it mid way and jumping to start an online business with another concept.

Don’t just jump at every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t believe in everything you read. The Web is filled with intelligent and skilled writers who create enticing sales letters, press reviews, articles, ads and much more that would drive potential customers like you to their client’s website. Do not be pulled in by clever words. Look beyond the testimonials and proofs. Look at the actual business. Talk with the business executives; clear all the doubts you have. Check for any reviews regarding the website. If you are convinced about the genuineness of the business opportunity, only then start an online business with them.

The best online business need not necessarily be the most lucrative business. Go by the sustainability and reliability of your business concept. It’s better to earn a steady and regular income for years than to make quick money in the beginning only to find out that you are left with nothing at the end.
Apart from these get yourself involved in various community forums where you can post your doubts and get clear and genuine answers from different members. When you decide on any opportunity to start an online business, if working with someone else’s program, be sure you get all the needed support from its staff to help you gain success. If you are starting independently, get to know others in your field so you can have allies with whom to discuss progress, developments and challenges.

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An Overview – How Important is Telecommunications in E-Commerce and On-Line Business World

Telecommunication is the term use to refer to a vast array of communication technologies that send information over distances. It is one of the enabling technology behind the internet.Telecom infrastructures and equipment transmit and receive information or voice and data packets over different modes over very long distances.Telecommunication is a broad term as it also covers not only data communication such as the internet but includes voice telephony as well. Land line, mobile phone, satellite phones and even Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) are forms of voice communication under telephony technologies. Without Telecommunication services all e-commerce and internet business-related activities would come to a grinding halt.There are now a vast array of telecom services that connects all type of devices including computer networks, public telephone networks, television networks and radio networks.Telecom companies are like hauling companies. They can haul information from one point to another and vice-versa. It can dedicate one particular communication channel to connect a private computer network of one company say to its branch’s computer network located in another country. The service is called international lease line service. Telecom companies offer a variety of service, voice and internet access services are most in-demand.To get the best and cheapest telecom service, check-out this page on best voice and internet rates. The importance of finding the best telecom service should be stressed especially for start-up internet business.As mentioned, the internet is a system that interconnects computer networks across the globe and its telecommunication that makes possible.The internet is a public network free for use by anyone. Users of the internet however will have to pay telecom companies for the service of bringing internet access to their areas and for providing value-added service. Telecommunication companies have to invest millions of dollars on telecom infrastructuresIn rural areas,less-populated or less-dense areas, reliable access to internet is a major problem. Despite widespread advances in communication such as GSM/CDMA, Fiber Optics, Satellite and Wireless Systems, some areas are making do with low-speed dial-up access.Internet business needs access to reliable telecommunication services (e.g- telephone and broadband internet access is essential). Access to voice and data communication is hard especially in rural, remote and isolated areas. Few telecom companies dare to venture in because of very low potential return on investment. Telcos just won’t expand in areas with low projected return on investment.Internet access via satellite or VSAT is the easiest but not the most cost-effective way due to high cost of subscribing a VSAT service.In remote regions, local communities and entrepreneurs bonded together to put up a local communication systems in order to have access to telephone and the internet. You can find telecentre or community technology centers that serve as communication hub for the community in remote places.

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Three Critical “Post Recession” Rules to Getting Your Project Financed

Like most entrepreneurs you are likely in love, head over heels, with your baby… your new business venture. You have toiled on the idea for months or years even. You have thought out every minute detail in your head and, perhaps, even put it all down on paper. You are convinced your venture will be a winner and now only one thing stands in the way of your dream becomes an exciting reality…money.Whether you need several hundred thousand dollars or several million to get your venture off the ground securing financing is inevitably the most frustrating and mystifying part of the process. Most well- intentioned entrepreneurs with worthy projects don’t even know where to begin in looking for money, and often head down dark paths with unscrupulous individuals who will never be able to advance their vision into a reality.The funding maze can be daunting, intimidating and more often than not a fruitless journey to nowhere. With today’s conventional lending environment being so dismal for small businesses and start ups is there any hope for you to breathe life into your baby? Absolutely there is, but ONLY if you employ the right financing strategy.There are three critical “Post recession” rules that you must understand and employ for any hope of achieving financing for your project. The good news is once you understand the proper strategy to package and position your business you’ll be on your way!The Right LenderIt may seem overly obvious but unless you get your project in front of a willing and able lender you will not get financing. So what is a willing and able lender? Today that is a private lender and certainly not a bank. Angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity lenders are all very active in today’s lending arena. While 97% of the population has been moaning over the “Great Recession” these lenders, the top 3%, have been buying everything at half price the last three years, building their wealth and investment capital. But here is the catch…you have to find a lender who 1) has the available and liquid capital to invest in your project and, 2) is willing to invest in your specific type of industry and project. Angels will typically only invest within the industry in which they made their wealth, while venture capitalists typically invest in an entrepreneur’s reputation. If you have built successful businesses before you new venture may attract the interest of venture capital money. However, if you are new to the game an angel investor will likely be your ticket. And these investors will quickly be able to determine whether or not your business plan “works” or not.The Right PlanPlain and simple…your business plan is everything. It is the lone document, your singular chance to impress a lender and move him or her to take action and finance your project. Tragically 95% of all business plans are DOA (Dead on Arrival) because they are inherently flawed in format, content and mathematical viability. In short these fateful plans can’t possibly work and would be torn to shreds by a lender should the plan every make it in front of one!Business plans written by entrepreneurs are typically done using a template from the Internet that was designed to be utilized for submission to a bank, not a private lender. 99.9% of all business plans written by the entrepreneur are overly verbose and overly subjective. Lenders look to the business plan to be 100% objective, to point out inherent downsides to the business in assessing the risk factor of possible investment. These plans are not concise and don’t provide the specific data private lenders MUST see.If that isn’t enough to disqualify your plan nearly all business plans are written exactly the opposite way they should. They are mistakenly written with a flowery description of the business vision, maybe a mission statement, a look at the industry and why this venture will succeed in the marketplace, a marketing section and BAM into financials. The financials are most likely built to support the business plan suppositions in the preceding sections. They are often guesses and always impossible to achieve.An “elite” business plan, on the other hand, requires that a series of specific questions be answered in advance of writing the plan that will dictate the “hard” financial variables required. Once these “hard” variables are determined they will dictate the process and strategy for developing the financial projections and then the entire content plan itself is a result of these financial certainties. A plan written backward to forward stands an infinitely greater likelihood of seeing money than the way 99.9% of business plans are written!The Right WordsSo you now have your project in front of an able and willing lender, with an elite business plan that “works” for him or her to review. Then you get the phone call…”I’m highly interested in financing your project. Can you be in my office next Tuesday at 3pm to meet?” All of a sudden you are excited and terrified at the same time! At this stage there is likely a 75% chance your project will get financed. However a very large step remains that must be taken with precision for you to reach the financial end zone.When you speak with a lender on the phone and, for sure, when you meet with a lender face to face there are CRITICAL words and phrases to say and NOT to say. The reality is that you will likely get less than ten minutes in front of a lender to “close the deal.” The wrong words will literally sink your project. Not only do you have to convey supreme confidence with a lender it is equally important is to sound incredibly competent. After all, you are asking this person to invest a significant amount of money with you. They do not and will not make the mistake of investing in the wrong person, despite how great the project may be.Unless you are schooled as to the intricacies of this monumental interaction with someone who can change your life forever it is a crap shoot. If you say too much or say too little it might be an indication to a lender that you are not a good investment risk. 95% of all projects never make it this far, so look to someone who can help role play with you on what to say and not to say. Properly orchestrated your face to face meeting with the lender will be a resounding success and the last test to finalizing your financing.In summary there are undeniable rules of the financing game for entrepreneurs to follow in their quest for financing…ignore them at your own peril. The good news is that if you follow the blueprint I have laid out for you here by employing an impeccable financing strategy you will rise to the top of the heap and stand an excellent chance of turning your dreams into reality.

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