Networking Marketing Resources: Refine Yourself Through Constant Education

Open the doors to education by examining different techniques from networking marketing resources from different industries. Your business is special and your endless effort and sacrifices has made a world of difference but now you may be in snag. This snag may be due to some of the limited networking marketing resources that you are not using to the full advantage. Take a moment and ask yourself, what are some of my friend’s professions?

Your friend’s professions may offer some insight to how to use some of their networking marketing resources to your advantage. Some of your friends might be lawyers, doctors, car sales or a CEO at brand number 1. Your effort to find new ways to educate yourself goes beyond the world of MLM for your business may have a wow effect on your network and sales channels. If you stick to only using MLM techniques to help break through the mire, you may suffer a tremendous set back.

Open up a notebook and create a book for networking marketing resources for your own personal use. Jot down every type of book, video, webinar or technique that you have learned for your business. After you do this, do some researching for other MLM techniques and see if you have it already listed. If there is new information that has value, jot it down for further reference. Go on and explore other industries for their type of marketing resources, for example electronics, music, medical supplies and other types of influential prospects.

You may want to set down over a light dinner or over coffee and do a case study of a few companies to examine their networking and marketing aspects. The ideas that are generated will not always work but at least you’re making the right moves. After you do a few case studies, you may have a general idea on how to improve your network marketing strategy. Don’t forget to jot down any resources in the journal for later references. Sometimes going over the basics again, may give you a colorful idea for your business.

Ah, the sound of a fresh brewing pot of coffee, time to get your thinking cap on. You have created a resource list, examined it, did a few studies on other industries, etc. What now? The next step to break from the mire could include a meeting with your sponsor. A little face time with your sponsor or providing face time to those in your down line may help provide some insight to other problem areas. The problems may include presentation to technology use or your lifestyle. You need to troubleshoot these areas to help figure out what is causing you to be stuck in the mud. Keep learning and evaluating the methods, some may not work at first.


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